The Real Dealz Podcast - Hosted By Tucker Merrihew & Elliot Smith

In Episode 73, Tucker starts with a summation of whats going on with TTM Development Company and shares his thoughts on the deals he's currently working on.  He goes over what he'll be discussing in this episode, which is Direct Mail, since its such a hot topic these days.  Before getting into the Main Topic, Tucker speaks briefly about our Sponsor, Iron Bridge Lending, which is the best Hard Money Lender he's ever worked with.  Tucker then revisits Direct Mail Marketing and how you need to use it in your business in order to be a successful real estate investor today.  He covers the four cornerstones of Direct Mail Marketing and takes a real close look at why each of the four points is so important and how they can take your business to the next level.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us feedback and reviews!

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