The Real Dealz Podcast - Hosted By Tucker Merrihew & Elliot Smith

In Episode 85, Tucker starts by sharing the latest news with his business and describes what will be covered in this weeks episode.  He then goes right into some details on a current wholesale deal he's working on and the steps he took to get the deal before another investor did.  Before getting into the Main Topic, Tucker speaks briefly about our Sponsor, Iron Bridge Lending, who's the best Hard Money Lender he's ever worked with. Tucker then goes into the 10 Commandments to follow when choosing a mentor/guru for REI coaching.  These are 10 great points that all students should address when interviewing and hiring a coach/mentor.  Keep in mind, there are so many Guru's out there that don't actually do this business and just sell information about the business.  So if you can't get specific answers and details to these questions, then chances are the Guru isn't going to get you to the next level.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us feedback and reviews!

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